Progroup AG, our partner, sponsors

the first international Progroup basketball tournament

The tournament takes place in Brescia and Cremona on 15th and 16th June. Six young Italian teams will take part in the tournament, as well as two foreign teams (Germany and Serbia).

The tournament was very much desired and desired by the Imbal Carton Group and the New Basket sports club. On this occasion, we met with Director General Imbal Carton and asked him to tell us about this very innovative and important tournament.

Michele Lancellotti: why invest in young people and sports?

We believe that supporting sports activities dedicated to children and youth is a social duty of every company that has the will among its values:

  • give everyone the opportunity to learn and practice sport;
  • increasing talents;
  • create an identity spirit belonging to the territory.

How do you support sport?

Imbal Carton has shown that in recent years, he believes in basketball as a tool for the development of young people in our region.

For 6 years he was the titular sponsor of Newbasket Prevalle, a company playing in the C Gold series with a team of seniors, who collects 300 girls and boys between minibasket and under 18 years.

Where does the will to organize a tournament of this importance come from?

Organizing an international youth tournament further strengthens the popularity of this sport: we approach sports schools from different countries and give many young people the opportunity to get to know each other and challenge ourselves in our gyms.