What we believe in

The Imbal Carton Group is committed to constantly increasing its customers’, shareholders’, employees’ and collaborators’ satisfaction. And such commitment is fulfilled by diversifying products and innovating processes, as well as by guaranteeing the best customer services and a safe, motivating work environment.



Birth of Imbal Carton di Lancellotti Angiolino & C. Snc.


Takeover of Scatolificio Feroldi Srl from Piadena (CR).


Takeover of Clarscatola snc, which is now called Bipack Srl, from Urago d’Oglio (BS).


Takeover of Litocartotecnica Bresciana Srl from Lonato (Bs).


Birth of Imbal Carton Cremona srl in Drizzona (CR), which was then called Scatolificio Feroldi Srl.


Merger by absorption of Nuova Litocartotecnica Bresciana Srl and
Takeover of Digital Service Srl, which is now called Digital Carton Srl (TN).


Merger by absorption of Imbal Carton Cremona Srl and partnership with Progroup Board.


Partnership with Multilog.

Our values

Customers are our partners.
This relationship is essential for us.

Imbal Carton la passione per il nostro lavoro


From the manufacturing of our products, to the care with which we establish relationships with our interlocutors, to the attention paid to our resources. Every single step, every single decision and every single box that we produce embrace the passion for our work and for our company. Over time, we have overcome all the obstacles and limits that we have encountered, because we are moved by a huge love for our company.

Centralità della persona

The person at the center

We pay utmost attention to our human resources: we listen to their opinions and we try out the ideas suggested by those who collaborate with us, we protect their psychophysical well-being, we promote initiatives that directly involve our customers and our employees in the life of the company, we motivate our young people, we recognise and assert the role of women.

Protezione dell'ambiente

Environmental protection

Paper. Forests. Oxygen.
An eco-sustainable approach is what guides our work on a daily basis:

  • a green vision in which 80% of the raw materials that we use comes from recycled materials
  • social, economic and environmental sustainability proven by the FSC certification;
  • a glance at the future knowing that the environment that we protect today will be the one in which our children will live tomorrow.


Our presence in the corrugated cardboard packaging sector for more than 50 years is our added value: we have grown up and matured, at both technological and human level, and this constitutes one of our greatest strengths today.
We have designed the widest range of solutions; we have supported our customers to solve multiple problems; billions of boxes have passed through our hands.
Those who choose to trust in us also choose this: several years’ experience in the sector and state-of-the-art technical skills.

Our certifications

Imbal Carton deeply believes that its customers’ satisfaction depends on the control and continuous improvement of the internal processes within its own organisation, on showing respect to human resources, and on the sustainability of its choices.
Adhering to this conviction means risking everything in order to obtain the certifications that regulate these aspects within the organisational system.

Certificazione Iso 9001 - 14001

ISO 9001:2015
Quality management system.

Certificazione Iso 9001 - 14001

ISO 14001:2015
Environmental management system.

Certificazione Iso 9001 - 14001

OHSAS 18001:2007
Occupational health and safety management system.

Certificazione FSC

Forest Stewardship Council.
Chain of Custody Standard reference: FSC-STD-40-004 (3.0)

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