November 13, 2017

October 10, 2017, After an intensive period of testing, Imbal Carton presents BB6

BB6 is an abbreviation for Box Bottle Six, in one product, a box for six bottles and a vertical stand!

The box will allow Imbal Carton to expand its offer, in particular for bottled products in glass.

Wine, beer, liqueurs, vinegars, oils and all this liquid are transported in glass bottles and need the right packaging, which guarantees transport safety and is characterized by the fact that it benefits both the company that bottles and its customers,

BB6 is a novelty in the sector, not only in terms of transport safety, but also the multifunctionality of the product, which we illustrate some of the features:

  • 6 glass bottles placed in it are completely protected on all sides, which ensures safe shipping.
  • it becomes an elegant vertical display for bottles
  • Suitable for a variety of bottle sizes
  • simplicity of assembly guarantees operator’s speed and comfort.
  • Customizable by printing up to 6 colors.
  • Naturally green … 100% recyclable and recyclable cardboard