To whom is the packaging addressed?
To consumers.
They are our interlocutors, and capturing their attention is the main intention of the graphic and structural project behind a corrugated cardboard package.
All our projects are thus carried out starting from a deep analysis of the reference market, the target and the specific function. In fact, each sector has its main characteristics and a type of consumer with whom to communicate.
Appearance is the first essential aspect to be assessed: in order for a packaging to be effective, it must hit the mark at the very first glance. It must know how to catch attention, thanks to graphics and shape. It must know how to communicate.
Other aspects include manageability and functionality to lord it. It must know how to solve customers’ needs in an ecological manner; the partnership with Progroup board enables us to develop innovative green solutions for our world.

The packaging is an integral part of the product, and it is in the front line during the selling process. In order to be winning, it must present all these characteristics in the best possible way.

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