Official partnership with Multilog Spa

Our evolution continues. After the presentation of the partnership with the Progroup Management Board and the introduction of a new logo, we inform about a significant novelty for our clients in the food sector.

La novità

From January 21, 2019. The new assembly and logistics center will be active for the fruit and vegetable sector and beyond. It was established as a result of cooperation with Multilog Spa, an integrated logistics company specializing in the automotive, industrial, household appliances, electronics and food sectors.

The integrated logistics center will be built in Torbole Casaglia, from strategic geolocation for Imbal cardboard shipments, and will allow the installation and dispatch of 10 million plateaus.

Size and benefits for the customer

The large building size, 4700 square meters on one floor and 7.50 meters high, together with the larger dimensions of the trucks used for transport, is an extraordinary advantage for both Imbal Carton and our customers.

All this will result in:

  • higher delivery speed and a larger number of items delivered in one trip (+ 20%);
  • global improvement of services resulting from the professional experience of Multilog and its employees.