The first Progroup international basketball tournament ended with the triumph of the Verona team and great applause for the organizers.

Several newspapers told the chronology of this sporting event on their pages.

On the Giornale di Brescia we read “An international youth basketball tournament to approach sports schools from different countries and give many young people the chance to meet and compete in gyms.”

From Cremona Sport, as well as praising the organization, there is also a perfect storytelling of why Imbal Carton was the first promoter of the tournament: “now that ImbalCarton has signed an agreement with the German company Progroup and together they have invested in their own establishment of Piadena Drizzona, here is explained the association, both geographical and sporting in the sign of basketball. ”

Oglio Po News also writes about us and refers to the article in the magazine Cremona Sport.

Sport Grigio Rosso, webmagazine dedicated to the sport of Cremona, reports the technical information of the tournament: number of teams, fields on which it is played, the categories awarded.  

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