(bottle box 6)

BB6 is the acronym for Bottle Box Six, a protective packaging and display unit for bottles. One single product that is both a box for six bottles lied and a vertical display unit at the same time.

Technical information

  • Minimum lead time: 10 working days
  • Dimensions:
    Flat-bed die cutting sheet max. dim. 1300x1700 mm;
    Rotary die cutting sheet max. dim. 1550x2800 mm.
  • Printing:
    Flexographic, Offset and Digital in up to 6 colours;
    Anilox cylinder lines from 80 to 160 per sq. cm;
    Printing system lines up to 32 per sq. cm.
  • Types of corrugated patterns: Flute: B, EE, BE.
  • Grams per square meter: min. 330 g/sq. m - max. 750 g/sq. m
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