And increases production capacity in Central Europe

Prowell, a subsidiary of Progroup AG, one of the five main European producers of electricity, paper and corrugated board, and our partner, with the determination and acceleration of the expansion program, implements the Two Twenty-Five Strategy, opening two corrugated board factories in various formats. The producer of corrugated board with the highest growth rate in Europe increases production capacity by a further 250,000 tons in the medium term.

Starting from 2018, will be able to count on a total production capacity of 1 380 000 tonnes.

While the new Park of Packaging II built in Drizzona (Italy) strengthens the effective partnership model created by Prowell Plößberg (Germany) and Prowell Trzcinica (Poland), the most efficient corrugated board factory will be born in Great Britain. The entire sector that will be built near the current location of Ellesmere Port.

The Prowell srl plant in Drizzona (Italy) will start production in the first trimester of 2018 and will allow Progroup to gain access to the largest corrugated metal market in Europe.

New Prowell S.r.l. will install a corrugated board line in Drizzona or in the immediate vicinity of Imbal Carton S.r.l., a historic Italian packaging manufacturer, and will deliver the Imbal cardboard box without further logistics costs. This will enable consolidation of the successful Packaging Park II model by Prowell Plößberg (Germany) and Prowell Trzcinica (Poland).

The new site will launch a 2.80 m long corrugated line, which will produce 100,000 tons of corrugated board in various formats annually at a speed of 350 m / min. Cardboard production is expected with single or double wave in B, B, C and E qualities and their combinations. Overall, Prowell will create around 40 new jobs.

The Prowell factory will be fully integrated with the Progroup network to centrally and effectively control all information, including orders. As a result, it will be possible to achieve maximum synergy and perfect integration within the Progroup business model and within the framework of the Park II packaging model.