Cardboard packages must offer the ideal solution to different problems related to transport, use, disposal and environmental sustainability, while also guaranteeing integrity and protection to the packaged product at the same time.

For this reason, Imbal Carton devotes resources to the constant research and development of new ideas and solutions aimed at reducing the use of raw materials, but still improving the packaging safety and functionality in compliance with the constant perfectioning of production processes.

Our innovations

Thanks to the experience of our R&D Team, many of our different customised projects have become real jewels in terms of innovation that have contributed to creating new packaging standards.

BB6 - Ricerca e sviluppo Imbal Carton

BB6 (bottle box 6)

Protective packaging and display unit for bottles

BB6 is the acronym for Bottle Box Six. One single product that is both a box for six bottles lied and a vertical display unit at the same time.

Patent filed on: 10 October 2017
Patent issued on: 2019

The customer’s need

The Customer needed a protective package to be used for 6 glass bottles of any type, easy to assemble and to transport.

Research activity

Before designing a package according to the Customer’s specific needs, our Research & Development Team conducted a sector analysis, in order to find out which the solutions offered by the competitors already present on the market were.
Our design therefore needed to be different, so as to skirt round the existing patent restrictions, but equally or more functional and efficient.


The transport of glass bottles requires suitable packaging, which, in addition to safety and transport, also takes into account aesthetics and practicality of use and assembly.
This is the only way in which the packaging can offer a real advantage to both the company and its customers.

The analysis, research and design work has therefore enabled us to create an absolutely novel product in this sector, the multifunctionality of which is its trump card.


  • Space for 6 glass bottles lied, protected on all sides, for shipment in complete safety;
  • It can be turned into an elegant vertical display unit for wine cellars, restaurants and wine shops;
  • It can be adapted to bottles of different formats;
  • Thanks to 4 patented combinations, it is easy to assemble, in order to guarantee greater efficiency, speed and comfort to operators;
  • It can be customised with printing in up to 6 colours (internal and external) and different types of formats;
  • It is eco-friendly, 100% made of recycled and recyclable cardboard

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